Traveling to Nepal and a new housemother

I am sorry it has been over a month since I last entered anything but pictures. It has been a busy time as two friends and I have been preparing for a 5 1/2 week trip to Nepal with departure on October 10.  We will be spending about 3 weeks of our time with the girls at the Rehab Center outside Kathmandu and the rest of our time will be spent traveling to the border monitoring stations and then on to Mumbai, India to see the red light districts where hundreds of thousands of Nepali girls are held captive. Please pray for Shanta, Leslie, Wanda, and I (Carmen) as we travel and also for our hearts and minds as we see the girls, some as young as 7 and 8 years old, and the conditions in which they live and work. Depending on Wi-Fi availability I will try to update you while we are there.

I also wanted to let you know our prayers for a new housemother at the Rehab Center have been answered.  Maya has been there for several weeks now and Shanta reports that she is working out very well. She lives outside and comes mainly for the daytime hours unless Shanta has traveled outside Kathmandu and then she stays overnight. As I have reported earlier, this is not an easy job so please pray Maya would be filled with wisdom, patience and love as she works with the girls.

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1 Response to Traveling to Nepal and a new housemother

  1. Jeremy D. Crouch says:

    A few weeks ago, I was at PRC with Doctors at War. I met Shanta and hope to work with her some more in the future. Thank you for this post — as I dream of returning to Nepal soon — it gives me joy to rejoice at all happening there. 🙂

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